1. Film Noir tomorrow!
    Mailing service in my town is terrible so I’ll probably have to get it from the post office and thus only see it days later. U__U
    Have fun without me~


  2. Kalm uploaded all the Nymphis songs in HQ to his soundcloud. They were available for download on muzie years ago (maybe they still are?) in such low quality, so this is a huge improvement.

    If you love Nymphis, you should definitely check out drop, which is Akane’s current band. They’re really great and definitely deserve a bigger audience.

  5. Only 10 days until Film Noir release.
    If you purchased it from Darkest Labyrinth, it’ll ship faster AND be autographed by both Dada and Chro.

    Can’t wait to get my copies! ♥

  10. A few more MAZE gifs because it’s an awesome PV… and because I have nothing better to do with my time.


  12. goldenpierrot said: If you love Velvet Eden as much as I love them, I love you.

    Velvet Eden is my religion. ♥